We drive sustainable and inclusive transformation in welfare systems, safeguarding individuals and communities.

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A New Integrated Welfare

Fast Forward Foundation, formerly known as Fondazione Farmafactoring, boasts a distinguished legacy of fostering and advancing scientific research within the European healthcare domain. With nearly two decades of dedication,

we have conducted extensive studies and supported cultural initiatives. In 2022, we embarked on a transformative journey, recognizing the need for a strategic shift to better serve our global community.

Our first significant step was to define a brand-new purpose: to drive sustainable and inclusive transformation in welfare systems, safeguarding individuals and communities.


Board of directors

Non-Executive and Independent Director of Amundi SGR spa, member of the Sustainability Committee of Fondo Italiano d’investimento SGR, Senior Advisor and previously Member of the Board of Directors and Top Executive of Methodos Group – A Digital360 company.
As advisor to Board of Directors and Management Boards on sustainable business transformation, she works on projects to integrate ESG factors into strategic decisions, governance, culture and business models.

He was Vice President of the Factoring Department at BFF Banking Group until 2021.
He graduated in Law from the University of Milan, and has held various roles within the Group since 1987.

With more than twenty years of experience in international leadership roles at multinational companies in the medical device sector, he is currently CEO of Demetra Holding Group as well as a member of the International Advisory Committee of SDA Bocconi and of the International Research & Innovation Advisory Board of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.

She is Director, Group Communications and Institutional Relations at BFF Banking Group.
With more than 20 years of experience in Banking and Finance, she focuses in designing ESG strategies, Change Management and Organizational Renewal initiatives as part of Corporate Reputation and the dynamics of financial performance.

General Secretary at Bambino Gesù Hospital Foundation.
He has been General Manager of the AIRC Foundation for fifteen years and is considered one of Italy’s leading experts in management, fundraising and communication for non-profit organizations.

He was Director of Planning, Administration and Control at BFF Banking Group untill 2019. and held various management roles as CFO in the services company BQS, and as auditor at Mazars and PWC.


He graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan and worked for PWC from 1979 to 1987. Since 1987, he has been a Certified Public Accountant in the N&CA Firm, where he is a partner. He is also a partner of the auditing firm DFK Italia.

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In December 2022, we approved our new Strategic Plan
2023 – 2027, propelling our organization into a fresh operational dimension and placing a strong emphasis on project development and collaborative efforts with stakeholders.

By addressing healthcare, social protection, and financial inclusion, we carve out a distinctive space in European Philanthropy, ultimately aiming at driving substantial change in the expansive realm of integrated welfare.

Simultaneously, we are actively constructing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement framework and nurturing partnerships with associations that share our vision and interests.

Our horizons are expanding as we extend our outreach to international communities, with the intention of establishing a robust network capable of propelling initiatives across Europe.

This strategic plan has been created with the aim of setting the stage for a promising and impactful journey ahead.

Our strategic objectives


Promoting equitable access to healthcare and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Social Protection

Expediting conscious access to integrated welfare systems.

Financial Inclusion

Accelerating the adoption of digital payment methods to enhance financial inclusion within welfare systems, with a focus on vulnerable groups.

Our journey


Concept: integrated welfare

At Fast Forward Foundation, we consider “integrated welfare” as a dynamic synergy of public and private efforts, crafting tailor-made services that evolve with individuals throughout their lives. This holistic approach encompasses healthcare, income support, assistance for those in need, and lifelong learning. Welfare services can be provided by various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private entities.



Operational plan
2023 - 2026

Our three-year Operational Plan serves as the initial and significant step toward realizing our new Purpose. It takes an innovative methodological approach, characterized by an articulated project cycle.
The first phase involves the systematization of existing research within a specific project area, through the elaboration of reports and the organization of co-design workshops aimed at identifying the most effective interventions to address existing challenges.
The second step consists in the implementation of one or more “in-vivo experiments,” namely pilot projects aimed at testing the proper functioning of a previously developed and validated welfare mechanism.
The positive results of these experiments will enable scaling the project to a higher level of complexity to verify its viability in larger and more complex systems



Positioning: from research to co-generation

By addressing healthcare, social protection, and financial inclusion, we carve out a distinctive space in European Philanthropy, ultimately aiming at driving substantial change in the expansive realm of integrated welfare.


The strategy will be applied across seven project areas related to integrated welfare:


30th May 2024

Fast Forward Foundation partner of the 7th OECD World Forum on Well-being

Milan – May 30, 2024 – Fast Forward Foundation is a partner of OECD in the 7th OECD World Forum on Well-being: an international event that brings together policymakers, statisticians, academics and experts from the private sector, civil society and others, with the aim of promoting the adoption of frameworks for the formulation of policies attentive to equitable and sustainable well-being at an international level.

25th October 2023

Fast Forward Foundation: Strategic transformation to promote integrated welfare for Europe and the global community

Brussels, The new brand and purpose of the Foundation were presented at the event “Integrated Welfare – Pressing Fast Forward for Europe”, with a keynote speech by Mario Nava, Director General of DG Reform at the European Commission.

The event featured a panel discussion on integrated welfare and showcased insights from the newly released Healthcare Report “From Healthcare to Integrated Welfare: perspectives from 9 European countries”.

We are hiring

Fast Forward Foundation is seeking a Project Manager

The selected individual will be responsible for overseeing the in-vivo experiments conducted by the Foundation to test integrated welfare mechanisms, with a specific focus on health and well-being, social security, and financial inclusion

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